Data Visualization for LEW

Within the research project “Datavisualisation for LEW (Lechwerke)” we, a group of six students in communication design and interactive media, did new concepts for non-commodity products. The challenge was to define a consistant visual appearance/language, storytelling and interaction for print and digital media.

We created a concept based on the usage of graphical elements and visualisations. The aim was to show seven different houses for seven products. To give every house its own personality, we used different architecture and in addition to that, we designed characteristics and semantic, narrative things for each house, to visualize its residents – without showing people.
We also put a storyline into the editorial design: First we´d like to show the product and its specific features. After that we’d like to inform about how it has to be installed in the basement/on the roof or together with the existing housing technology. Afterwards the visualisation shows the usage of the products and the financial advantages and necessary investments.

The result is a series of printed brochures and a digital web application. Every brochures shows and explains a specific product and provides all necessary information. The digital web application underlines the consistent concept and supports the story and information through interactive elements.

The project started at the end of 2014 and was finished at the end of 2016.
Those results were also used for the LEW fair stand as well as at the flagship store in Augsburg.

2014 – 2016
Lisa Borgenheimer, Magdalenda Dannecker, Alexander Jahn, Sebastian Harter, Stephan Reichinger, Patrick Schröter