Silhouettes – a Story of Shadows

Silhouettes – a Story of Shadows The Shadow Theater includes many components (figures, stage / composition, sounds, notation) which are important to play a complete play. The posters (wallpaper) show sound possibilities with everyday objects (no dialogues), figures (people, animals, backdrops) and additional movement possibilities, as well as related figures. The notation system facilitates the… Read More

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Information Graphics As an information designer and member of the development team, I designed information graphics, illustrations, icons, etc. for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, SZ am Wochenende and Sü (daily- and pre-production): conception, design and implementation for print and online (web / iPad). Year 2011 – 2015 Sections Süddeutsche Zeitung, Read More


InformationDNA Informationdesign is a process orientated design discipline, which aims to visualize data, structure complex issues and share knowledge with users. Informationdesign is published on analog and digital media and can be used in a static or interactive way. But, are there existing guidelines, tools or methods for the usage of analog or digital visualisations?… Read More

Year 2014 Team Lisa Borgenheimer, Sebastian Huber, Simon Heimler Website Tired of creating isotype graphics manually? We've created a web application that does all the heavy lifting for you and still leaves you with the opportunity to customize it in your favorite vector graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator. You start by importing your… Read More